Why I am not a Christian

I am not a Christian because I don’t know what that means anymore in today’s world.  Do I have to be a Republican?  Must I deny climate change?  Do I need to revile gays?  Am I required to espouse young earth creationism?  I am not a Christian because the term has become repulsive to the very members of my generation that I care the most about.  I wish that this care had been there my whole life, but it hasn’t.  Only recent friendships and gradual maturity have deepened my care for and respect for the skeptic.  I am starting to feel called to them.

I am not a Christian because it not longer means “little Christ”.  It may mean that I want a Lexus or never to be sick.  It may mean that I want business contacts or social acceptability.  It may not be about me at all.  It may be about who I do not want and whom I wish to argue with.  It may mean hours in the Fox News echo chamber.  It may mean I view the poor as lazy.  It may mean nothing more than being a mid-westerner.  And what does that mean?

I am not a Christian.  So what am I?  I’m certainly not sophisticated enough to defy categorization.  My mind craves categories and conceptual frames.  I am a follower of Jesus Christ.  If I fail to bring every word, thought and deed back to that, then I am only a Christian.  If Christ is my true north, then I can bravely ask what he would say about my words and attitudes toward real people that I actually like.





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