The Real Reason I Am Not a Christian

Pascal, you quoted me saying, “He felt that the Bible was one of the very origins of his doubt.”

I realize that in Why I am Not a Christian I did not really prioritize the list. The Bible is not just “one of the very origins” of my doubt. It is the origin of my doubt. The other items are still issues, but since the Bible is the foundation of the faith, the other points are barely worth mentioning. Let me be clear here and sum up that list properly.

What is the real reason I am not a Christian? It’s not because I don’t think God loves us. It’s not because I think God is dead (whatever that means). It is not because of any reason in that list beyond this:

The real reason I am not a Christian is that the Bible has errors. Therefore, the Bible is either not divine or the divinity behind the Bible is deceptive. In either case, I do not find it possible to trust the Bible’s description of God or Jesus. It is not a choice. I’ve tried trusting it after becoming aware of these issues. Despite my best efforts and desire, I simply cannot believe something I don’t believe. With the cracks I found in the Bible, the faith that would have been required to overcome doubt became diminished to the point that it is now insufficient to push me from doubt to belief.

In future posts I hope to illuminate some of the errors so we can discuss them. Thank you for your continued friendship.

Gentleness and respect,


  1. Thank you, great inspiring blog, i’m so looking forward to start reading and discovering what you write on here.. 🙂



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