The Islamic State – Opening the Discussion

I’ll break the long silence with an offline correspondence Pascal and I had last week.

This whole ordeal makes me so sad. Sometimes it’s hard to believe what’s happening now, right next door (cosmologically speaking). Time does not dull this terror.

I wish I was more available to help these people. I know you’re joining me in prayer for the persecuted (that word doesn’t seem strong enough) — and I hope you join me in prayer for the indoctrinated (victims of nature and circumstance).

I feel like we can relate to the Muslim scholars in the article. What a task they have. Never have I been more grateful for those with the gift of knowledge and the willingness to help. In that sense, they remind me of you.

Pascal’s email response…

Thank you for sharing this.  I read the article with a heavy heart.  Would you consider briefly posting this today from us? I think our thoughts on this could help others, both believers and skeptics to love well.

I didn’t post it that day due to overwhelming time constraints, but it is still relevant. I hope you will join us in prayer, giving, study, political action, and/or other support. Our brothers and sisters, children, parents and neighbors next door need our attention, our help, our comfort and our hope. They need us here and now, and this tragedy is not far from our own neighborhood so let’s not let the distance callous our hearts to their pain. As you learn about the motivations behind these atrocities, please try not to straw-man this into a fight against all faith, but do fight the specific beliefs that are compelling men to such depravity.

Gentleness and respect,


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