agreeing to disagree

My web of reading is slowly expanding as I follow comments of blogs I read. It is crucial to listen to those who disagree. Especially crucial as Russell and I attempt to model our friendship as a dialogue and true affection. I found this post and this author helpful.




The best thing about blogging is discussing ideas with people who have totally different life experiences. Especially in the area of religion, where I’m more likely to frequent, there are lots of points of view to consider.

However, it has come to my attention that lots of bloggers aren’t as open-minded about the opinions of other people as I would imagine a humble human being should be. Indeed, I was recently accused of being ‘intellectually dishonest’ by the best blogging buddy of one of my best blogging buddies. And this got me thinking about some advice I could patronisingly dish out to some of the more arrogant bloggers out there.

If you are discussing an issue with someone who doesn’t agree with you, there are a number of things you might want to consider before you resort to petty insults based on your curious belief that you have a superior…

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