Pause and think.  That was the basic translation of selah offered by my mother’s amplified Bible.  The word is used 74 times in the Hebrew scriptures – – 71 times in the Psalms and 3 times in Habakkuk.

And that is what I’m doing this morning.  Russell and I meet for breakfast in 48 hours.  We average twice a month and always look forward to it.  One topic for discussion is this – – where next with the blog?

For recent discoverers of our niche:  welcome – – and a brief reiteration of what we’re about.  We are friends who have similar backgrounds and came to dissimilar conclusions.  Our friendship is young – – only 18 months or so.  Can adults make new friends and drive deep pilings into a firm foundation?  We say yes.  If one of us stands on faith, the other on science – – then what could that foundation be?  Fraternal love.

I’m always worried that I post too much.  Russell worries that he posts too deep.  We’ve both reassured the other that we should honor our natural pace and intellect.  That said – – sometimes I do want to slow my frequency and Russell wants to dampen his amplitude.  Romans will continue soon from my perspective and Russell will begin a thread of his own or a dialogue – – that will be our topic for Thursday morning.

I just needed to pause.  You are welcome here.  It is safe to disagree here.  Perhaps more believers should have skeptical friends and vice versa.  We think so – – more soon.





  1. I like that it is ‘safe’ here. In a place where it seems not even my mind is safe it is nice to read understanding, consideration and care between two friends. Where there is no condemnation, not requirements, no ultimatums, where belief or none is not important and nothing more important then respect.
    I just wish I was more …. articulate, or something – possibly brave? to join in the conversations. While I understand and grasp what is written (on the most part) I don’t feel I am academically or biblically knowledgeable to contribute. Doesn’t stop me reading or thinking though.
    So Thank You, both, for this safe place!


    1. I’m so glad that you’re here! You are plenty articulate; writing like one speaks, and that makes reading a pleasure. Academic knowledge? We’re all here to learn. An advanced degree doesn’t craft the intellect – – curiosity does. Biblical knowledge? I can’t claim expertise – – only a love and respect for the scriptures that understand me as I travel. Encourage us to use natural language and be free to disagree. One thing you offer that we treasure – – your story. In time you may share it in part or whole. If you never do, we’re still glad you’re here.

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