Axis & Allies


It is an epistemic divide that is almost impossible to bridge, and–I think–the main source of discursive breakdown between “believers” and “non-believers.” We think we’re having the same conversation, when in reality we’re engaging in simultaneous conflictive monologue.

my new friend Vance, patent pending, in a comment recently

The last post provided a bit of needed (at least for me) comic relief.  The topic of this blog and a prominent theme of my friendship with Russell and CC is faith, skepticism, and friendships in the neutral zone.  We have somehow grown a readership and a few who are comfortable to write.  All are welcome – – read, write, or both.  I’m reading too and trying to reach a better understanding of Madalyn, JJ, and yes . . . of myself.

JJ – – I just tried to link to your site and it is gone.  Please consider this a second home.

I first played Axis and Allies in college.  Has anyone played it?  Some describe it as Risk on steroids.  For the health of our marriage, Mrs. Pascal and I decided we could not play Monopoly together during our honeymoon year.  Twenty years later, it stands a wise decision.  Axis and Allies is much, much worse for the competitively inclined.  But it is a beautifully nuanced game.  Risk can take all night.  A&A can take a week.

We’re not playing a game here, but the word play on our Cartesian napkin and Vance’s desire to be on the X (he thinks) axis did remind me.  An alliance with one who thinks differently takes time.  If I was willing to take a week for a board game, am I willing to take a decade to listen well and to learn.  I hope so.  This means so much more to me than a game.

I’ve updated my Bookshelf to reflect the 2015 reading so far.  Part of my desire to learn requires that theology be the minority of the content consumed.  Perhaps a 1:5 ratio? Hopefully I’ll add brief commentary to the books, but I found that waiting to do so stopped me from writing anything.  Those books are part of my desire to understand you – – theists of all stripes, skeptics, followers of Christ.

Russell and I meet for breakfast soon – – thanks for all who are engaging each other here in the environment that we’ve tried to create and maintain.  It has been, and I expect will continue to be, a pleasure.




photo credit:  board game box, fair use,



  1. I do remember that game! We didn’t have it, but a friend did.

    For my part, I think that a person’s willingness to try to understand means more even than whether or not he or she ever does. (I’m not sure I’ll ever really understand myself.) Thanks for reaching across the epistemic divide… :0)

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  2. 🙂 Second home it is. Where do I put my pillow?
    I’m not sure what is going on with my site. Was having troubles with it yesterday. Hope it’s all good now.

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