Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask, Week 3: Can we trust scripture? (Part 1)

The local series continues. I plan to go with Russell next week. Our readers are welcome to continue the conversation here or on CC’s blog. I’m just glad that the conversation is happening. There are a few Christ followers who care deeply for the atheists in their lives. There are a few Christ followers who have atheists in their lives that they chose with purpose. More than a few of the few read and write here.


The Counterfeit Christian

bible on table

Tonight was my turn at the Wednesday night discussion group at church. If you follow my husband’s and our friend’s shared blog, you may have read about it there last week. A church in our area is currently in the middle of a sermon series about the questions Christians hope no one will ask—and they are following some of the topics outlined in Mark Mittelberg’s book by the same title. The weekly Wednesday night discussions are designed to delve deeper into the topic of the previous Sunday’s sermon. I haven’t been able to attend the sermons due to my work schedule the first two weeks of the series and my wedding season schedule since then as a bridesmaid in two of my best friends’ weddings next month—but I have listened to every word of every sermon. My husband attended the second week’s discussion group and posted about it here

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