First Day of School

first day

Dear Russell and Friends,

Sigh.  P1 went to college yesterday.  We helped him move in, took a tour of the campus with his brothers, went out to eat, and left.  My heart aches.  Was it only 13 years ago when the first day of school was accessorized with a lunchbox rather than a laptop?  P2 is gone for cross country practice.  P3 is packed and ready to go.  I completed my first day of class as well – – CrossFit – – fighting the middle age slide.  Russell and J are sending R1 off to kindergarten.  Sigh.

Share your first day stories with us?  Mixed emotions love company.

Pascal – – 1:16



  1. Just dropped my kids off at first day of school. They are in 4th and 2nd grade. I cried when I got home and had to think about why. I enjoyed time with them this summer. Instead of my usual clinical depression I have felt joy. I will miss them while they are at school even though it’ll be only a few hours a day. Also we move around so much that they’ve been to so many different schools and I knew I was committed to staying here for more stability for them. To see them hug so many of the teachers and recognize their classmates made me overwhelmed with positive emotions.

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    1. Quixie – – thank you so much for sharing that. We too enjoyed the summer. Our only agenda was to maximize time and memories together. Although we were blessed to take some really fun trips, the day to day is what we’ll remember. So glad that your new school home provides an anchor for the kids.

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      1. Since you are a bit ahead of me in the raising kids department I gotta ask: how gut and heart wrenching is it to see your oldest off to college? Cuz it sounds extremely hard! Much harder than dropping them off for their first day of Kindergarten. That was very difficult for me so I can’t even imagine…

        It is so wonderful when we can live in the moment and enjoy our families in the present, isn’t it? It’s so hard to stay in that place, though.


        1. It was really hard. I love each of my sons and each has touched me in a singular way. Yet he is my first and he taught me how to be a father by patiently enduring my missteps and loving me as only a child could. As my heart changed in issues of LGBT and the church, I shared it with him. He got it. I hope that you enjoy every minute of their childhood Quixie, but never fear the brave world of the adult that you hope they become. If I haven’t mentioned it, I’m so glad you’re here and so glad to see the encouragement that you give my friend J.

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          1. Aww, thanks pascal! J seems like a really amazing person as do you and Russell. I love the friendship you all have and the ability to talk about important matters. It’s great.

            Thanks for sharing your experience with your kids. I love the people my children are becoming. It is so thrilling to see it. I’ll admit I am worried about the teen years (and beyond) but I am trying to stay in the present because they’ll be grown up before I know it. 🙂


      1. Okay maybe tomorrow actually…can’t get my brother’s wifi to work, and my computer won’t find my phone’s hot-spot. It isn’t meant to be tonight, but it is coming soon. The drought on my blog will soon be over.

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