Goodbye to a Man I Admired

Oliver Sacks

photo links to NYT obituary

Dear Russell & Friends,

Oliver Sacks, the neurologist whose work inspired Awakenings with Robert De Niro and Robin Williams, died today from metastatic ocular melanoma at the age of 82.  I read one of his first books, The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat last year.  Soon after I completed the book, which still has me thinking, I saw Dr. Sacks’ New York Times op-ed piece about his pending death published 6 months ago.

I admired Dr. Sacks for many reasons.  The two foremost were his ability to communicate and his desire to empathize with his patients.  He was one of the first to write in the popular media about neurobiology.  In a way he was a forerunner of Dr. David Eagleman, but a clinician responsible for meeting and comforting broken people.

The link below is Dr. Sack’s TED talk from 2009 – – an excellent primer and a fond memory.  I say goodbye to a man I never met, but who touched me nonetheless.


Pascal – – 1:16

photo credit – –


  1. So sad. I admired his work as well. Thanks for sharing the link to his Times article. I hadn’t read it yet, and it was such a nice, hopeful goodbye. I hope I’m in the same frame of mind when my time comes.

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  2. I read all the op-ed and watched the TED talk. He was a remarkable man. Thank you for bringing more of his life and his passing into my awareness. I’m better for it and I suffer with you at his death.



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