Action Required

Our Team

Dear Russell & Friends,

Forgive my absence from the blog.  I completed a difficult assignment at work where I primarily work in the hospital with sicker patients.  I then traveled for committee work and experienced the wonders of perpetual delay in the flight back home.  That said, I read, considered and ultimately liked Russell’s last post very much.  What do I mean like?  Yes – – I hit the like button after reading the post and thinking carefully about it.  Perhaps for another day, but I think that you choose love and don’t necessarily choose like.  I like my bride and that has made all the difference for us.  I would love her from choice and obedience to a standard that is greater than me.  Love can be, often is, painful.  Like is pleasure of the purest form.  Diversion complete.

I liked Russell’s post because it really does reveal who he is – – one of the most moral and compassionate people I have met.

So what?  I downloaded the Charity Miles app.  I’ve begun to use it.  I pray for people who don’t have water as I marvel at how blessed I am to go to any sink or hose bib in my home and know that the water is potable.  I’ve stopped using distilled or filtered water and my tastes and thoughts have changed.

For the people who have joined us in this blog, would you please join our team?  You have many choices besides water – – that’s just the one that moved me on a base level.  The screenshot above is our team.  You can see that my friend Russell is more kinetic than me.  As a believer, do I welcome an atheist challenging me to put action to faith?  Oh yes I do.  I’m so thankful that my friend called me to action.  And will you join our team?  Please do.  I really don’t know why our follower count increases daily.  Perhaps our generation is ready to respectfully reason together.  Could you help our charity miles team grow as well by downloading the app and joining RussellandPascal?  You could.  Will you?

Pascal – – 1:16


  1. Downloaded the app! I put in several miles a week walking/running so this is a great idea. You can use it in every day walking around, right (like grocery shopping)? As a doula, Every Mother Counts is what pulled on my heart-strings the most.


  2. Hi Pascal, I’m afraid I’m old fashioned and we only have one basic mobile phone on a very cheap plan, and which mostly my wife carries. It doesn’t have any apps (never downloaded anything on it in my life) and we only use for phonecalls and text (and a very occasional photo). Amazing but true! But we exercise and give to charity, just not at the same time! But all the best to those of you who do this. Eric

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  3. I’ve been making excuses lately. I’m exhausted. I worked 90 hours in a week. I’m four months pregnant. I’m sick. I was up all night with the girls…every day it’s something.

    While I’ve accepted the fact that my very fit husband who works from home at a desk that has been mounted to a treadmill will always put in more miles than I will, I MUST NOT be surpassed by two middle-aged men who have as many or more kids than I do and work full time.

    Pascal and Howie, enjoy your positions on the leader-board while they last. Then eat my dust.

    I’m in.

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